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Hasn’t 2020 changed the way we work!  From being an optional extra, videoconferencing has become an essential communications tool for businesses operating in a COVID world.  When COVID first hit many businesses were happy with any form of videoconferencing, but now that the dust has settled and there has been time to reflect, videoconference expectations and requirements have changed for many businesses.

Now that businesses better understand the finer points of the videoconference experience, the bar seems to have been raised a little.  Studies show that many businesses are becoming a little more discerning and looking for more enhanced features and capabilities in their videoconference experience.  And now that videoconference has become an essential business tool, free videoconference services are being seen by some businesses as falling a little short of the mark, with many businesses willing to pay for enhanced features and capability.

That’s where Bluejeans can help!  Bluejeans provides a premium, high quality videoconference experience with the most intuitive and easiest user interface, the strong security features and the fastest from start to videoconference in the marketplace.

Give us a call (or email) and we can get you started with trial account in minutes.

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